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This birthday cake was my birthday cake from last year. It was a rainbow cake and was really fun to make. They don’t sell the mix at target anymore, but i’m glad I got to make this.IMG_4716This is what the cake looks like when it’s decorated. And yes, it’s my picture on the about page. When I cut the cake, it looked like this:cropped-img_4719.jpgIMG_4718Do you like it? Thanks! I can’t wait to show you what my next cake is going to look like. I got it all planned out and i’m so excited for you to see it.


This cake was for Kelly’s (my older sister) 13th birthday.

Me and my mom found this cake on These are the strawberries that we put on top of the cake.
This is the cake, can you guess what it is supposed to be? …It’s a strawberry basket! We put the kit-kats all around the cake. It is not hard at all, all you have to do is make a layer cake, frost it, put the kit-kats around the cake, put the chocolate covered strawberries on top, and rap a ribbon around it! ( Any ribbon would do.)                                                             basket-cake1And don’t mind the words across the screen. That was just for my other blog.

Then we made a sheet cake in case the basket cake wasn’t enough for everyone at her party. I made the sheet cake and my mom made the other.


This was Bethany’s (my younger sister) birthday cake from last year.

The cake is called purple rain, and I got the mix from target. We also got pink frosting for the cake. We used the same type of frosting that we put on My 9th Birthday cake. Then I worked on the batter, It turned purple! (because I had purple food coloring.)


The purple food coloring looked black, but it was just really dark purple. Next I had to put the batter Into the pan. It took a little while but I finally finished, it took like 20 minutes to get it into the pan. Then I put it in the oven, waited a few minutes, took I t out, and waited even longer for it to cool.



It was so worth the wait! Bethany went crazy with the sprinkles when I handed them to her! When we went to cut the cake everyone got a piece, and the cake looked so cool! It looked like this:


This is my cake from my Birthday party! The party was owl themed so I made an owl cake and cupcakes.

IMG_1727This is the cake that I did. I got this idea from pinterest. This is what the pinterest cake looked like:
CakeNailed It!

I made a chocolate cake and put chocolatefrosting on top. Then I used Reese’s pieces For the eyes, beak, and talons. Also I uses Oreos for the eyes.



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