About Me!

I’m a level 3 dancer, I love to bake and cook and love chocolate. Most of the time I’m laughing or making jokes. I like to play the piano and play with my little sister Bethany. Sometimes me and my family do big dance party’s in our living room, or eat while watching TV in our living room.  I got paid for making a birthday cake once (but it was from my grandparents. It still counts!). I started baking when I was 7 years old and now I’m 12 and will be 13 September 1st. IMG_4716Well thank you for reading. And I hope you enjoy my site! Also here’s my email:   pinkiepie9106@gmail.com. You can contact me with that email if you have any requests for me to bake!

P.S Sorry about the photo bomb with my sisters. =)


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