Cookie In a Pan

Why bake a cookie on a baking sheet when you can bake it in a pan? My mom got a cookie in a pan mix for Christmas! Of course, she let me use it because if you know anything about me at all, it’s that I love to bake.

This was my first time making one. I had the “season” the pan before using it by coating it with oil and baking it for 30 minutes. That was the only downside to the whole thing. It did make for a delicious cookie though. Here’s what the box looked like:

img_2139We did indeed get ice cream and got a Sanders hot fudge collection for Christmas, which was perfect. The cookie tasted like a chocolate chip pancake.

Here’s how mine turned out:
img_2138It puffed over the side of the pan which made it approximately 1 1/2 thick. It was very delicious with the ice cream and the extra dark chocolate hot fudge. I totally recommend that you try making it sometime!

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