Everyone knows you can’t have Christmas without pie. On Christmas Eve, I baked three pies; two pumpkin and one cherry. Nothing like good old fashion pumpkin pie that’s what I say. I got to share one of my pumpkin pies and my cherry pie with my family at Christmas lunch, it was really fun. But enough about my Christmas and more about baking!

This was my first year making pies so the crust on the pumpkin might be a little funky. But the cherry pie I’m very proud of. Just click the left or right arrows to look at my pictures!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My sister Bethany helped me a LOT. Definitely 1/4 of the credit goes to her.

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading and come back soon. Don’t forget to like, comment, and even follow my blog if you enjoyed, bye!

Next post: Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae


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