Why was I gone?!/ My Last Fall Treat

Hey guys!

I have been gone for about 1-2 months. The truth is I forgot to post. But it isn’t my fault! I was on vacation. And now I’m about to go on another vacation for thanksgiving–in California. I will be there for a little over a week. I’m not just going there for vacation, i’m also going there for my sisters pageant! (ok, this will take a bit of explaining.) My older sister Kelly competed in a pageant for our state… Michigan! She was competing for the title of Miss Michigan Jr. Teen. Jr. Teen is one of the divisions in the pageant. There are 6 divisions: Princess, Jr. Pre-teen, Pre-teen, Jr. teen, Teen, and Miss. Each division is for a different age group. This pageant isn’t about beauty at all, it’s about confidence and being yourself. Kelly was 2nd runner-up overall. Because of this she was invited to the national pageant (which is this Saturday) and will be competing for the title of National All-American Miss Jr. Teen. Girls from all over the country will be competing for this title. But only the girls that were runners-up or won an optional contest. So it all makes sense now? Great! Now I can move on.

My Last Fall Treat

While I was on my first vacation I made acorn shaped pumpkin cookies. These were made from a box also so I’m just going to share a picture!

IMG_1927There are leaf shaped cookies also. I frosted the cookies with chocolate and vanilla frosting. I made these cookies near Halloween. Boo!

This will be my last fall treat for this year. I’m kind of sad because that means that another year is coming and going. But now I get to make gingerbread cookies, snowball cookies, sugar cookies, and more Christmas treats! In fact, I will be posting something new tomorrow, so keep and eye out for a new post!


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